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Get the best inflatable kites in Mauritius

Duotone Kite Evo 2022 /

Price Rs 52,500.00
Freeride/Freestyle/Wave The most user-friendly all-rounder in the Duotone line up, perfect for freeride, hooked freestyle and playing in some waves, it is one of the most popular kites on...

Duotone Kite Evo SLS 2022/

Price Rs 71,499.00
The Duotone Evo SLS 2022 is the big brother of the standard Evo. The SLS construction with Penta TX dacron and flex struts is lighter, stiffer and stronger. This makes it faster, more direct and...

Duotone Kite Neo 2022/

Price Rs 49,501.00
The Neo is the benchmark in kiteboarding in waves, incredible drift, total control at all times and the ability to perform to podium levels in the waves and for strapless freestyle.

Duotone Kite Neo SLS Wave 2022/

Price Rs 61,500.00
The world’s best wave and strapless freestyle kite, even better with the Strong Light Superior construction featuring Penta TX; accept no substitutes and get your ticket to get barreled.

Ozone Kite Reo V5 2020/

Price Rs 55,950.00
Wave riding specific design Versatile performance in all conditions Two Variable Bridle Geometry settings Direct handling, huge de-power, insane drift