Get the best surf boards in Mauritius

Duotone Surfboard Wam 2022 /

Price Rs 42,450.00
Wam All-rounder, small to medium waves The Wam is the most popular surfboard in the range, capable of handling every type of wave and performing at the highest-level while being...

Duotone Surfboard Whip 2022 /

Price Rs 42,450.00
Small to medium waves/Strapless Freestyle Perfect for ripping in small to medium-sized waves, the Whip is the board to use when you want to get vertical in the pocket, but also bust out the...

Duotone Surf Board Wam D/Lab 2022

Price Rs 55,000.00
Brand new for 2022, the Wam D/LAB features the pinnacle of surfboard construction, making it lighter, more durable and even more dynamic on the water.

Duotone KTB Wam SLS 2021

Regular price Rs 37,500.35 -Rs 5,000.00 Price Rs 32,500.00
Wam SLS All-rounder, small to medium waves The last word in performance, the Wam SLS is designed to excel in every wave condition you can imagine, from small Euro mush to fast down the...

Duotone Session SLS 2022/

Price Rs 47,500.00
The Session SLS absolutely excels in bigger waves, but it should not be overlooked for the smaller ones too. This classically shaped stick is the go-to board of choice for the rider who values...