List of products by brand NSP

NSP Softboard Sundowner

Regular price Rs 12,300.40 -Rs 1,300.00 Price Rs 11,000.00
Surfers looking for a softboard that goes but don’t care too much for heavy-duty school boards are well-served with any of these four sizes.

NSP Softboard Teacher's Pet

Regular price Rs 20,499.90 -Rs 2,000.00 Price Rs 18,500.00
This range of boards is designed by some of the best surf instructors from around the globe. These are shapes specifically designed for first-timers to paddle out on, either with an instructor or...

NSP SUP Hit Cruiser

Price Rs 34,500.00
The HIT Cruiser is ideal for schools, rental centres and resorts. It’s your all-around, family-friendly durable paddleboard. Length: 9’8 Width: 31 1/2″ Thickness: 4 5/8″ Volume: 180L


Regular price Rs 48,500.10 -Rs 9,000.00 Price Rs 39,500.00
The WING Foil Pro is is our dedicated Wing foil board This new generation of Wing foiling boards take engineering cues from the latest Americaʼs Cup foiling boats. By adapting key concepts to...

NSP PU Magnet 7'6 FTU

Regular price Rs 21,899.45 -Rs 2,900.00 Price Rs 18,999.00
The PU Magnet is a funboard shape for weekend warriors appreciating PU and glass construction and vintage surfing style in general.

NSP Kingfish 6'4 Pu Clear FTU

Price Rs 18,991.00
The PU Kingfish is a stable shape, wide and flatter-rockered – fast and fun! The perfect shape for ripping in all conditions, available in two designs and suitable for anyone who prefers PU over...

NSP Elements Allrounder SUP

Price Rs 36,900.00
The Elements Allrounder is your ultimate allround SUP – a perfect blend of fun wave performance and flatwater paddling glide makes this board suitable for the two biggest applications in Stand-Up...

NSP Elements Cruise

Price Rs 38,500.00
The Elements Cruise design is one the most popular boards in the NSP range, and by design one of the most popular SUP’s in the world.

NSP Elements HDT Funboard

Price Rs 18,900.00
The Elements Funboard is designed for the weekend warrior wanting to paddle in easy and catch waves early. Get ready to pop-up and ride more waves. Rail: Full Bottom: Single to Vee Ideal...

NSP Protech Tinder D8

Price Rs 17,500.00
The Protech Tinder-D8 never lets you down, whether you swipe right, left or even up! Designed by Marcie O’Neill, the Protech Tinder-D8 is your perfect match if you’re looking for a...

NSP Protech Fish 2022

Price Rs 17,900.00
A Protech Fish is not just a groveler – stable, wide and flatter-rockered and will out-paddle most shortboards. They are fast, fun and perfect for ripping in all kinds of real-world conditions....