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WMFG TRACTION: Front Foot 2018

Price Rs 2,490.00
SPECS: Width:  16.25" / 41.3cm Length:  28" / 71.1cm Note:   Above specs are based on pads installed seamless/pushed together. Width and length can be extended by leaving a gap between pads. 


Regular price Rs 6,799.96 -Rs 839.50 Price Rs 5,960.00
Hardfacts completely new, super exact fitting of the closure system bomp proof closing, no readjusting necessary 3D fit strap for an ergomic fitting very robust...

FCS - Shortboard 3 Fin Wallet

Price Rs 1,190.00
• Durable and lightweight 2mm ripstop polyurethane coated nylon construction • 3 individual fin pouches • Can be used to store fin keys and spare screws etc