Get the best fishes in Mauritius 

Gerry Lopez - Something Fishy

Price Rs 29,900.00
SOMETHING FISHY // Back in the early 1970s, Steve Lis created a surfboard design that has endured through the decades and is as valid today as it was almost 50 years ago. The Fish...

Gerry Lopez - Little Darlin Five Fin

Price Rs 35,501.00
The LITTLE DARLIN grew out of the Gerry's extremely popular Cheater in the search for more high performance without losing the paddle power. 

Elements HDT Fish (Shredsta) FTU

Price Rs 18,700.00
The new shaped NSP Fish is stable, wide, and flatter-rockered – they’re fast and fun! The perfect board for ripping in all conditions.

NSP Protech Fish 2022

Price Rs 17,900.00
A Protech Fish is not just a groveler – stable, wide and flatter-rockered and will out-paddle most shortboards. They are fast, fun and perfect for ripping in all kinds of real-world conditions....

Softech Board Kyuss King Fish 5'8

Price Rs 13,700.00
Designed in collaboration with Kyuss King, this generously volumed fish with hand shaped rails will get you from A to B in a hurry. Volume:  5'8": 37L

NSP Protect Fish 5'6 Grey

Price Rs 15,900.00
A demon wave catcher even when the surf is small and uninspiring.

NSP Kingfish PU Clear FTU

Price Rs 17,500.00
The PU Kingfish is a stable shape, wide and flatter-rockered – fast and fun! The perfect shape for ripping in all conditions and suitable for anyone who prefers PU over Epoxy.