Get the best surf softboard in Mauritius 

Sotftech Sally Fitzgibbons Signature Pink...

Price Rs 10,990.00
Designed specifically for girls and women who want to experience the fun and enjoyment of surfing

Softech Bomber FCSII Smoke Green / White...

Price Rs 12,990.00
The Bomber has a tapered tail shape with a longboard outline up front, making this board the ultimate cruiser that will flow down the line and turn on a dime.

Softech Roller 7'0" to 9'0"

Price Rs 18,990.00
Handshaped Funboard with generous outlines and lots of volume. These boards are stable and very easy to ride for learners as they gain confidence riding waves and start performing basic turns

Softech Sabre FCII -Ice Blue 5'0" to 6'6"

Price Rs 9,990.00
Striking a balance between affordability and function, the Sabre has a more refined shape compared to a typical ‘learner’ board which is great for surfers looking to start turning and riding the...

Softech Kyuss King Fish FCS II 4'8 White

Price Rs 11,000.00
Designed in collaboration with Kyuss King, this generously volumed fish with hand shaped rails will get you from A to B in a hurry.

Softech Eric Geiselman Flash FCS II 5'0"...

Price Rs 12,500.00
The Eric Geiselman Flash will motivate you to surf on any given day due to the uncanny feel and performance similarities between a soft and hard skin board. This is performance with a serious...

FCS Brainchild Softboard FCS II

Price Rs 14,500.00
This hybrid shortboard is a little wider in the nose and tail and balances stability with responsiveness. The versatile shape will perform well in mushy or hollow conditions. Volume:...