Repair Kit

Get the best repair kits in Mauritius 

Phix Doctor SunPowered Epoxy/Poly Repair...

Price Rs 790.00
Is Dura Resin safe for my ultra light epoxy (Styrofoam core) surfboard and paddleboard? Yes, This Kit Offers Ultra Clear, Endless Shelf Life Resin that Bonds and Sands Well and is Resistant...

Phix Doctor Zero G Universal UV Foam Filler

Price Rs 625.00
Zero G UV Foam Filler 2.25 FL OZ (67 ML). THE ONLY FOAM FILLER THAT’S SAFE for ALL EPOXY and POLY Boards . Solarez “Microlite” and Ding All “Ultra White” CAN MELT EPS FOAM and have limited Shelf...

Phix Doctor SunPowered Polyester Repair Kit

Price Rs 990.00
Phix Doctor’s SunPowered Polyester Ding Repair Kit is stocked with premium brand Silmar resin, gloves, q-cell and many other helpful items you won’t find in competitors kits.

Phix Doctor Ding Tape

Price Rs 290.00
Instant Relief – Five Pieces of 2″ X 3″ Marine Grade, UV Resistant, Water Proof Ding Tape