NSP Hydrofoil Windsurf Tuttle Head Adapter

Price Rs 7,500.00
Tuttle Converter : For riders who would like to use the NSP Airwave on boards with a tuttle box, simply swap the base plate for this tuttle converter and enjoy additional board options.

NSP Airwave Windsurf Fuselage 85 /

Price Rs 7,799.00
Airwave fuselages are designed without compromise. Our design brief was clear “must be hydro-dynamically efficient, has to be strong, stiff, cannot bend, with solid mast and wing...

NSP Hydrofoil Airwave Rear Wing Trim Shim...

Price Rs 1,250.00
AIRWAVE PRECISION TUNING Most hydrofoils in the market are set to a single AOA (angle of attack) at the back wing, usually varying between one- and three degrees. The Airwave is different,...