Fanatic SKY SUP Foil Edition 6'10" 2019

Regular price Rs 67,999.59 -Rs 14,000.00 Price Rs 54,000.00
SKY SUP Foil Edition 6'10" Volume: 132 l Width: 31” / 78.7 cm Length: 6'10” / 208.3 cm Weight: 9.5 kg Fittings: 3 x US 10"


Price Rs 48,000.00
Good things come to those who wait! Our next generation of Aero Surf Foils will blow your mind! The new wings are highly efficient, keep flying as long as you want and offer incredibly fluid and...

NSP SURF Foil 2020

Price Rs 28,800.00
SURF Foil 4’6” x 20” Your pocket rocket in the range and built for advanced foilers. The 4’6 comes with a more chinned rail design and narrower shape. The nose and tail contain enough volume to...