NSP Airwave Windsurf Fuselage 85

Price Rs 6,670.00
Airwave fuselages are designed without compromise. Our design brief was clear “must be hydro-dynamically efficient, has to be strong, stiff, cannot bend, with solid mast and wing...

NSP Hydrofoil Front Wing 1400 / 77

Price Rs 15,750.00
This is the most popular wing for several foiling water sports and especially wing boarding, freeride windsurf and kiteboarding. It delivers next generation efficiency, speed, early lift-off and...

DTX Spirit Surf 1500 / 75

Price Rs 25,200.00
Surf / Freeride/ Strapless If you're looking for an incredibly versatile foil for the waves, this is it, prone surf foil, wing foil and kite foil this one rules them all.

DTX Spirit Surf 1250 / 75

Price Rs 21,150.00
Surf / Freeride / Strapless At home in waves or strapless freeriding, focussing on joy and stability. Pure surfing with or even without a kite.

NSP Hydrofoil Airwave Rear Wing Trim Shim...

Price Rs 1,125.00
AIRWAVE PRECISION TUNING Most hydrofoils in the market are set to a single AOA (angle of attack) at the back wing, usually varying between one- and three degrees. The Airwave is different,...

NSP Hydrofoil airwave Front wing 1700 / 85

Price Rs 14,850.00
The 1700 has set the performance benchmark for early lift and stable performance. On smaller days, the FW 1700 excels at Surf and SUP foiling and is an amazing option for wake foiling, freeride...

NSP Hydrofoil Airwave Front Wing DW 1650 /...

Price Rs 17,549.00
These high aspect glider style wings are specifically designed for downwind foiling. The outline and foil profiles combine hydrodynamic efficiency, deliver higher speeds and excellent pump...

Fanatic Aero Foil 1500 2020 Second Hand

Price Rs 36,000.00
The perfect size to ride with a surf foil board or a SUP foil board or Wingfoil board. Easy to use and robust


Regular price Rs 22,950.00 -Rs 4,500.00 Price Rs 18,450.00
Boom The integrated BOOM stabilizes the profile and is compatible with every wing size due to length adjustment. It gives the Foil Wing best ease of use with unlimited hand...