DUOTONE Foil Wing Set Aero Carve 2.0 SLS

Regular price Rs 34,000.00 -18% Price Rs 28,000.00
Building on the success of our latest range of Carve wings, the design goal of the Carve 2.0 was to push the performance of these mid aspect wings even...

NSP Hydrofoil Airwave GLIDER FW

Price Rs 22,900.00
The Glider Front Wings range has grown to four sizes, providing you with a full range of High-Aspect (HA) gliders designed for downwind foiling.

NSP Hydrofoil Airwave RIBLET FW

Price Rs 25,900.00
Riblet Front Wings are excellent for wing- and surf foiling in high-wind conditions, but will also perform as endless downwinders for advanced foilers who can leverage the efficient shape of...

NSP Hydrofoil Airwave FUSELAGE

Price Rs 7,900.00
The Airwave fuselage is designed without compromise Our design brief was clear:  “must be hydro-dynamically efficient, has to be strong, stiff, cannot bend, with solid mast and wing connections...