Duotone Kite Neo 2024

Duotone Kite Neo 2024

The new Neo 2024 raises the bar for wave riding performance once again. With updated wing tips and a new profile shape, the kite offers improved wind range and even more dynamic handling.

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The Neo has been at the forefront of wave riding since the sport's inception, and the new Neo 2024 also embodies our philosophy of versatile, solid performance. The new kite features an improved wing tip shape and construction. This further improves the turning characteristics of the kite and makes the handling even more dynamic. The new construction uses more Trinity TX in the wing-tip area of the kite, reducing weight and allowing the kite to pull its course better without sacrificing durability. The overall profile of the kite has also been revised. This now has a slightly deeper profile in the center and a slightly deeper profile towards the tips. These changes help increase the low-end power of the kite and load the wing tips for more precise handling, making the steering incredibly responsive. These improvements make the Neo a fantastic kite for wave riding. Given its lightning-fast turns and incredible drift, it's easy to see why it has become one of the most popular wave kites on the market.

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