The 2021 NEO SLS has been Released

The 2021 NEO SLS  has been Released

Christmas before Christmas, Why Not!

2021 Toys have been Released… 

It’s high time to take your kitesurfing experience to the next level.

DUOTONE annonces SLS, a new brand range of elite products that is Stronger Lighter & Superior, highlighting a combination of Penta TX and Flex Strut Technology.

Both the NEO & the EVO are under the new SLS Brand Range.

Here is what experts think about the NEO SLS


Instead of the usual Dacron fabric, Duotone has chosen Penta TX for the SLS brand range.

Penta TX is 5 times more resistant to tears

Penta TX guarantees 50% Less Elongation (elongation: stretching of the fabric which weakens the kite and make it vulnerable to tears)


Penta TX is 15% Lighter Overall Construction

The Neo has been the kite of choice of Airton Cozzolino for so many years.

After trying the NEO SLS, Airton is blown away and confides:

“This year I feel something different. The Neo SLS is Really Fast, Really Light and Feels Super Solid. When you do your turns, even in tricky onshore conditions, the Neo SLS is very responsive, follows your turns. I don’t want anything else anymore”


The kitesurfing freak Matchu Lopes, who also contributed to improve the design of the Neo 2020 is still on board for the 2021 version. Having tried the NEO SLS, he says: 

“I think this is the best version you can get for the Neo” 

The Neo SLS is also Superior for its Flex Strut Technology

Flex for Flexible

More Flexibility, More Responsive in light wind but also in the waves.

Ken Winner, The Kite Designer

Ken Winner, The Man behind the Neo, defines the Flex Struts as follow:

“The front of the strut is stiffer and the back of the strut is softer so the back of the strut bends like the aileron of an airplane and helps with the kite’s turning”

Think Green

From 2016 onwards, the brand has been adopting an Eco Friendly approach.

This 2021 Edition focuses on Waste2Wear: the Kitebags are made of recycled plastic

& Packaging: Kite packaging made of recycled plastic. 

Therefore, when you purchase a 2021 Duotone Kite, you also contribute in saving our playgrounds.


The Neo SLS, is super resistant to tears therefore more durable, thanks to the Penta TX

It is 15% lighter than the Neo 2020, which represent up to 560g lighter

The Flex Strut Technology, makes Neo SLS Superior enhancing the riding experience

The new Neo SLS will reach our Tou Korek Shop in La Gaulette, this October 2020

You can Pre-Order Yours Now, by clicking HERE

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