9 Reasons to GoPro HERO 9 Black

9 Reasons to GoPro HERO 9 Black

Here are 9 Reasons Why You Should Get the HERO 9 Black

1/ Hyper Smooth 3.0 = Most Advanced Stabilization Ever

Enjoy GoPro’s most advanced stabilization ever, with the in-camera Horizon Leveling

You won’t have to rotate & straighten your footages to the horizon line anymore, GoPro HERO 9 does it for you

2/ Schedule & Record Before you Click

With the Hind Sight feature, you will be able to record 30 secs Bonus Footage before you click, while the Live Burst feature will allow you to record 1.5 seconds before and after your shot to extract the best photo or share even share the burst as a short video.

The Power Tools include the Scheduled and the Duration Caption features which will allow you schedule the starting time of a recording and determine the exact duration of the recording

3/ More Shooting Time

Battery Life 30% longer, therefore more fun time

4/ Higher Resolution Videos

You will be able to shoot stunning 5K video that keeps all details even when zooming in


5/ Perfect 20MP Photos

Capturing Pro-Quality Photos has never been so easy. All you have to do is Click!

6/ Front Display

Get ready for Vlogging & Selfie-Perfect shots; with the Dual LCD, framing will be just perfect 

7/ Waterproof

Splash into the water, Dive in with your HERO 9 Black without any problem. Yes, it’s Waterproof to 33ft (10 meters) without any casing... and if you add a Protective Housing Waterproof Case you can go down to 196ft

8/ TimeWarp Feature

The TimeWarp allows you to record timelapse scenes, toggling between Real Speed or Half Speed while recording, whereas the standard timelapse feature, the one we all know,  does not allow you to toggle with speed. This will definitely transform your video into a more interesting piece of art and better capture your audience’s attention

9/ MOD

Pimp Up your GoPro HERO9 Black like a Pro

It is compatible with more than 40 mounts & accessories.

You can add-on so many gears to make your shots even more perfect. 

But what’s even more exciting for the HERO 9 Black, are the following MODs:

  • Max Lens Mod, which delivers unbreakable HyperSmooth stabilization with the best wide-angle perspective you can get so far

  • Media Mod turns your HERO 9 Black into a production powerhouse. It features a built-in directional mic highlighting voice audio and reducing ambient noise

  • With its powerful LED lighting, the Light Mod will  illuminate your subject with wide, smooth, even light and capture ultra crisp footage. 

  • Compact and perfect for vloggers the Display Mod’s flip-up screen let you see yourself in action, it makes framing and vlogging easy

So now you have the 9 Reasons Why you need to go for HERO 9 Black

Ready, Get Set… Go Pro!

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