EVO SLS 2021

EVO SLS 2021

EVO SLS 2021

The best and most successful all-rounder in the Duotone range is part of the SLS New Brand Range.

Last September, DUOTONE announced SLS, a new brand range of elite products that is Stronger Lighter & Superior, highlighting a combination of Penta TX and Flex Strut Technology. Both the NEO & the EVO are under the new SLS Brand Range. In our previous Blog Edition we spoke about the NEO SLS, now is the time to tell you more about the EVO SLS.

The New EVO SLS is about

  • New Technologies
  • New Construction Materials
  • New Techniques


The New Evo SLS is more versatile.

It is Stronger, Lighter and Superior : prefect for boosting huge airs, riding waves and tricking out some freestyle moves. However, if you just want to cruise then don’t worry, it’s ideal for cruising and also works really well for foiling!


Instead of the usual Dacron fabric, Duotone has chosen Penta TX for the SLS brand range.

Penta TX is 5 times more resistant to tears

Penta TX guarantees 50% Less Elongation (elongation: stretching of the fabric which weakens the kite and make it vulnerable to tears)

Penta TX is also 15% Lighter Overall Construction

The new materials and construction make the kite much stiffer, resulting in a very agile and precise overall handling, while the reduced weight improves the low-end.



The new Flex Struts allow the kite to twist like never before when you engage the bar, and this results in lightning-fast handling that is guaranteed to boost your adrenaline.

+ The counterpart to a stiff frame, to ensure a direct and very reactive feel of SLS kites.

+ A softer material enables the strut to bend and twist in a defined way.

+ Steering impulses are transformed smoothly and fast into turning actions


The EVO SLS, is super versatile, 5 times resistant to tears and therefore 3 times more durable.

It is much stiffer, very agile and precise.

The Flex Strut Technology, makes SLS Superior, enhancing the riding experience


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