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  • Key Features Duotone Freeride Kit Bigger depower strokeSmall chicken loop for a bigger depower stroke. Small leash includedShorter leash for less tangling. No unhookingNot designed for unhooking.

  • Key Features Duotone Freestyle Kit Easy unhookingLarge loop for easy unhooking and hooking back in. Big leash includedLength of freestyle leash makes several rotations possible. Neoprene covered leashLong neoprene covered leash gives maximum freedom to move, comfort and prevents injuries.

  • NKB – Chicken Loop Options

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    Freeride Kit The Freeride Kit comprises of the smallest chicken loop combined with a short leash. This kit is the first choice for freeriders which are not unhooking. The short chicken loop maximizes the depower range, whilst the shorter safety leash is tangle-free Freestyle Kit The Freestyle Kit comes with a large chicken loop and…