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Duotone Juice D/Lab 2023

Price Rs 142,500.00
Do you want to be the first one on the water 100% of the time? Then you should definitely add the Duotone Juice D/LAB 2023 to your quiver. The Juice D/LAB is by far the best light wind...

Duotone Kite Evo D/Lab 2023

Price Rs 114,720.00
The new Evo D/LAB offers the ultimate in freeride kitesurfing with never-previously experienced performance in a huge range of conditions with incredible low-end power and total control.
Duotone Evo SLS 2023
  • Reduced price
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Duotone Evo SLS 2023

Regular price Rs 79,499.50 -Rs 5,000.00 Price Rs 74,500.00
Most versatile Duotone kite Wide wind range Works well in freeride, freestyle and wave Easy handling and great pop

Duotone Surfboard Whip D/Lab 2023

Price Rs 60,000.00
The Whip D/LAB 2023 is perfect for shredding small to medium waves and strapless freestyle, offering a huge amount of performance in a very compact package.

Ion Harness Waist Kite Nova Black 2022

Regular price Rs 11,204.45 -Rs 3,450.00 Price Rs 7,754.00
The Nova is the perfect harness for everyone who's looking for flexibility combined with good back support

Duotone Kite Mono 2022

Regular price Rs 64,800.20 -Rs 17,280.00 Price Rs 47,520.00

Duotone Kite Neo D/Lab 2023

Price Rs 106,559.00
In search of the best wave-riding performance? The Neo D/LAB is the most advanced wave kite available, featuring an Aluula frame that delivers otherworldly performance. Prepare to have you mind...

Duotone Kiteboarding Neo SLS 2023

Regular price Rs 76,319.75 -Rs 4,800.00 Price Rs 71,520.00
The new Duotone Neo SLS 2023 is faster, smoother and more direct than ever due to the newly introduced hybrid flex struts by Duotone. The hybrid flex struts are size specific designed to create...

Duotone Rebel SLS 2023 /

Regular price Rs 107,999.95 -Rs 4,800.00 Price Rs 103,200.00
The kite that defined a generation of riders takes the legacy to the next level

Duotone Kite Evo 2022/23

Price Rs 52,800.00
Freeride/Freestyle/Wave The most user-friendly all-rounder in the Duotone line up, perfect for freeride, hooked freestyle and playing in some waves, it is one of the most popular kites on...

Duotone Dice SLS 2023 /

Regular price Rs 86,399.50 -Rs 4,800.00 Price Rs 81,600.00
The Duotone Dice SLS 2023 is one of the best high performance kites for big air, freestyle and kiteloops on the market. With super direct steering behaviour, firm bar pressure and an aggressive...