Get the best board equipments in Mauritius

Comin November Duotone Traction Pad PRO...

Price Rs 3,900.00
Wanna have great grip without all the disadvantages of waxing a board? Put some pads on!

Comin November Duotone Wam D/LAB 2022

Price Rs 57,200.00
All-rounder, small to medium waves Brand new for 2022, the Wam D/LAB features the pinnacle of surfboard construction, making it lighter, more durable and even more dynamic on the water.

Comin November Whip D/LAB 2022

Price Rs 57,200.00
Small to medium waves/Strapless Freestyle Our compact shape board, now in the all-new ground-breaking D/LAB construction, perfect for shredding small to medium waves and strapless freestyle.

Duotone Select Textreme 2020 /

Regular price Rs 35,880.00 -Rs 5,200.00 Price Rs 30,680.00
PERFORMANCE FREERIDE What happens when you take the ultimate freeride twin tip and give it the Textreme tune up? You get one of the best kiteboards on the planet, pure and simple!

Duotone 2nd hand KTB Pro Session 5'8 +...

Regular price Rs 32,700.25 -Rs 6,700.00 Price Rs 26,000.00

DTK- Pace Foil Board 2019 /

Regular price Rs 31,147.75 -Rs 5,200.00 Price Rs 25,948.00
The completely new Duotone Pace, perfect for smooth and easy freeriding.

Duotone Gonzales 2021 /

Regular price Rs 22,099.67 -Rs 3,380.00 Price Rs 18,720.00
Get your kiting off to the best start possible with a freeride twin tip that will help you progress your riding faster than any other board out there!

Duotone Select Freeride 2021 /

Regular price Rs 28,599.64 -Rs 4,680.00 Price Rs 23,920.00
A freeride machine that is fast, responsive and exhilarating to ride, with a shape and flex that cuts through chop like butter.
Duotone Soleil Freeride...
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Duotone Soleil Freeride 2021 /

Regular price Rs 28,599.35 -Rs 4,680.00 Price Rs 23,919.00
Quite simply the best women’s kiteboard on the market, designed with the female form in mind, it’s packed with performance and fun.