Get the best board equipments in Mauritius

Duotone Gonzales 134 cm 2020 /

Regular price Rs 15,500.85 -Rs 2,000.00 Price Rs 13,501.00
Get your kiting off to the best start possible with a freeride twin tip that will help you progress your riding faster than any other board out there!

Duotone Soleil SLS 132 - 2021

Price Rs 27,500.00
The best freeride board on the planet, designed specifically for women by women, packed with performance and high-tech construction to take your riding to the next level.

Duotone Twinti Ultraspike 165 2022

Price Rs 46,750.00
When you let your imagination run wild, amazing things can be achieved, the Ultraspike SLS is a testament to that, quite simply the best light wind twin tip you can lay your hands on.