Get the best board equipments in Mauritius

Duotone Surfboard Whip D/Lab 2023

Price Rs 56,250.00
The Whip D/LAB 2023 is perfect for shredding small to medium waves and strapless freestyle, offering a huge amount of performance in a very compact package.

Duotone Surfboard Wam D/Lab 2023

Price Rs 56,250.00
The Wam D/LAB features the pinnacle of surfboard construction, making it more comfortable, more durable, and even more dynamic on the water. With a classical outline and decidedly modern features...

Duotone Surfboard Fish D/Lab 2023

Price Rs 56,250.00
The Fish D/LAB enjoys the benefits of the magic D/LAB construction! It comes with more performance to maximise every session on the water, no matter the wave conditions! The ultimate board...

Duotone Surfboard Hydrid SLS 2023

Price Rs 54,001.00
Looking for the most versatile board you can buy, the Hybrid SLS is a foil board, strapless freestyle machine, and a wave ripper! A unique base design allows it to become three boards in...

Duotone Surfboard Slash SLS 4'4" 2023

Price Rs 41,400.00
Absolutely new for the 2023 season for all Young Bloods is the Slash, a purpose-built grom edition of the Whip SLS designed for smaller riders looking to maximise their performance on the water....

Duotone Surfboard Whip SLS 2023

Price Rs 49,499.00
The Whip SLS is a favourite among many riders; it is an incredible small to medium-sized wave board that can handle anything you throw at it. The compact shape also makes it perfect for...

Duotone Surfboard Wam SLS 2023

Price Rs 49,499.00
Every wave is different, and that is why you need the Wam SLS in your life, the best board in the range for variable conditions. It can handle waves of almost any size and makes the most of...

Duotone Surfboard Session SLS 2023

Price Rs 49,499.00
The go-to surfboard for riders when the swell gets big, the Session SLS offers endless grip when you engage the rail and carve, combined with a huge amount of speed in a package that gives you...

Duotone Surfboard Fish SLS 2023

Price Rs 49,499.00
The Fish SLS hit the market with a massive bang a few years ago, redefining what a kitesurf board could look like and changing our preconceptions of performance in subpar conditions. This...

Duotone Surfboard Wam 2023

Price Rs 44,550.00
The Wam is one of the most popular surfboards in the range, capable of handling every type of wave and performing at the highest-level while being incredibly user friendly. The Classic...

Duotone Soleil 2022

Price Rs 20,250.00
The Soleil is a board designed specifically for women that sets the standard in the industry. Dynamic, easy to ride, but most of all fun!