Get the best kite bars in Mauritius 

Duotone Quick Release Rope Harness Kit 2023

Price Rs 3,600.00
The Rope Harness Kit presents a small chicken loop with a metal plate and a short leash, which can ONLY be used with a rope harness. You must not use this loop on a standard harness hook. The...

Duotone Bar Spare Chicken Loop...

Price Rs 1,590.00
Small - 16.5 cm Large - 24 cm Replacement Chicken Loop for all Duotone control bars including (Trust/Click/WSB/Foil) For use with the following kiteboarding control bars: Trust...

Duotone Trust Bar Quad Control 22/24 2023 /

Price Rs 22,512.00
The Trust Bar has been the go-to control system for riders who prefer the traditional depower rope and cleat system, but there is nothing traditional about the new 2023 Trust Bar!