Get the best kite bars in Mauritius 

NKB Trust Bar Foil 24m (18m+6m Extensions)

Regular price Rs 15,959.90 -Rs 5,959.30 Price Rs 10,001.00
Suitable for all light wind and foil conditions 2 line length options 18m (+6m extension) and 24m Short chicken loop, allowing for a longer depower stroke...

Duotone DTK Click Bar Quad Control 2019

Price Rs 19,960.00
Key Features Duotone Click Bar Adjustable line length and V-position You can change the V-position on the front lines, depending on your preference and riding style....

Duotone DTK Quick Release Freestyle Kit 2019

Price Rs 2,760.00
Key Features Duotone Freestyle Kit Easy unhooking Large loop for easy unhooking and hooking back in. Big leash included Length...

Duotone DTK Quick Release Freeride Kit 2019

Price Rs 2,000.00
Key Features Duotone Freeride Kit Bigger depower stroke Small chicken loop for a bigger depower stroke. Small leash included Shorter leash for less...

Duotone DTK Trust Bar Quad Control 2019

Price Rs 14,999.00
Key Features Duotone Trust Bar Single front line safety A quick and easy safety solution. When the quick release is released, the single front line presents a smaller...