Duotone Miniboom Platinium for Slick Wing

Regular price Rs 8,000.55 -Rs 1,500.00 Price Rs 6,501.00
Carbon construction Precise length adjustment ''cut to length '' Oval Shaft (26mm inside fingers) Fits all Slick sizes Weight: 330g

Duotone Spirit SLS + Mast Carbon 90

Price Rs 49,501.00
The Spirit SLS is a true inspiration in the SLS (strong light superior) segment, offering an ultra light carbon mast with a glued top plate and a carbon fuselage form fit connection system. A...

Duotone 2021 Foil Front Wing Carve 1250

Regular price Rs 24,000.50 -Rs 4,500.00 Price Rs 19,501.00
Fit on the Spirit Foil At home in waves or strapless freeriding, focussing on joy and stability. Pure surfing with or even without a kite.