DTK- Pace Foil Board 2019 /

Regular price Rs 31,147.75 -Rs 5,200.00 Price Rs 25,948.00
The completely new Duotone Pace, perfect for smooth and easy freeriding.

NSP SURF Foil Board 2020 /

Price Rs 30,680.00
SURF Foil 4’6” x 20” Your pocket rocket in the range and built for advanced foilers. The 4’6 comes with a more chinned rail design and narrower shape. The nose and tail contain enough volume to...

Fanatic SKY 4'10" Surf Foil Edition 2020 /

Price Rs 30,680.00
The Sky Surf brings foiling to the wave face in its purest form!

Duotone Hydrid Foil Board 5'4" 2020 /

Regular price Rs 47,495.00 -Rs 16,815.00 Price Rs 30,680.00