Track Pads

Get the best track pads in Mauritius 

Duotone Traction Pad Front 2022/

Price Rs 3,749.00
Wanna have great grip without all the disadvantages of waxing a board? Put some pads on!

Creatures Reliance III

Price Rs 2,351.00
The RELIANCE 3 piece traction has mega cut-outs for reduced weight and added board feel. The large kick and Square Loc II traction increases grip to lock in foot. 

Traction Pad Stem

Price Rs 999.00
TRACTIONS SERIES MDNS Pads have been designed by surfers, for surfers! They cater for all forms of surfboard design and provide a number of technical qualities to improve the...

Creatures Mick Fanning Traction 2021

Price Rs 2,100.00
Mick joined the Creatures team as a whippet-thin, bleached eyebrow, cheeky little grommet. He’s now one of the most respected icons of surfing ever. 3x world titles, overcoming physical and mental...