Travel Boardbag

Get the best travel boardbags in Mauritius 

Duotone Gearbah Team Bag Surf 6'0

Price Rs 12,501.00
More space than you´ll have gear or weight allowance! Fits 1-3 surfboards plus 3-5 kites.

Duotone Team Bag 2023

Price Rs 9,490.00
Plenty of space for e.g. 2-3 twintips and 4-5 kites. 

Duotone Boardbag Single Surf 6'0 2022

Price Rs 0.00
Beautiful boardbag for your surfboard with classic shape. The thick 5mm padding protect your precious board while transporting in your car.

FCS Travel 1 All Purpose Surfboard Cover...

Price Rs 5,990.00
Overview 10mm foam body with extra 5mm nose padding and marine grade zippers, this cover is purpose designed for comfortable single board travel.

FCS Flight Long Board Cover Charcoal 2018

Price Rs 5,700.00
Cover Size           Max Board Length*        Max Board Width*          Cover Weight 9'2"                                        9'3"                        2​3 1/2" / 596mm...