Accessories(Strap, biding,..)

Get the best boards accessories in Mauritius

Duotone Binding Vario Combo S- XL 2023

Price Rs 5,280.00
The Duotone Vario Combo 2023 is a basic strap and therefore also reasonably priced, but is certainly not inferior to the more advanced pads & straps. These ergonomically shaped bindings give you...

Duotone Binding Entity Ergo 2023

Price Rs 10,511.00
The revolutionary Entity Ergo is setting the new benchmark in hold, ergonomy, safety and comfort.

Duotone Traction Pad Front 2022/

Price Rs 3,600.00
Wanna have great grip without all the disadvantages of waxing a board? Put some pads on!

NKB North Boot Screw & Washer 2018

Regular price Rs 400.20 -Rs 250.00 Price Rs 150.00
North Kiteboarding North Boot Screw & Washer (4x4 pcs)

WMFG TRACTION: Front Foot 2018

Price Rs 2,530.00
SPECS: Width:  16.25" / 41.3cm Length:  28" / 71.1cm Note:   Above specs are based on pads installed seamless/pushed together. Width and length can be extended by leaving a gap between pads.